Status update!
Posted February 9, 2020 at 9:26 pm

Long time no see!

I've mostly been recovering from health road bumps (a stupid one was not being able to draw for a whole week because of a badly infected cat bite on my right hand's pinky >:U at least I was finally able to play the blue lion's route in FE3h during that week) and catching up on work and drawing random illustrations for practice. Right now I'm editing ch1-4 for a small print run I'll have at Emerald City Comiccon (I'll be at table CC-4) next month! This Es and Dan is the cover design for the book.

I also started the next saucy side comic on patreon, a MannyxRosa one this time. :3c Shout out to all my patrons for sticking with me as I get my shit together, y'all really out there keeping me alive _(:’3L_ )_

Updates return by the end of February! Tentative 2/24. Likely staying 1pg/week for a short bit (4 weeks at most probably) as I rebuild a buffer and return to a regular comic schedule. 

Can't wait to get back to this nasty boi

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