Daniel Del Toro

• Literally Souless

• Top Senior in School

• Queer Ace

• He/him

Not the most well-adjusted person. Daniel figured freeing a demon at the expense of his soul was a good idea. Now he throws up blood a lot.


The Demon, "Esther"

• Junk Food Enthusiast

• Usually Femme Presenting

• Pansexual

• She/her

Esther doesn't talk about herself much. She's been sealed under the school for about 500 years until Daniel frees her. She promises to help Daniel seemingly out of the kindness in her heart.


Marisol Del Toro

• Bible Study is Her Best Class

• Worries for Her Big Bro

• So Very Gay

• She/her

Marisol just started her first year of high school. She's the only one allowed to call her big brother "Dani". When she's not at baseball practice she's hanging out with friends. Maybe one day she'll get the courage to ask out her best friend.


Rosamaria Enriquez

Baseball Team's Captain

• Tough but Sensitive

• Bisexual

• She/her

Second in academics only to her classmate Daniel. Rosa babysits her younger brother and sister after school and baseball practice. Very responsible but can get pushy.

Manuel A. Cruz

• Church Choir Leader

• Senior Prefect

• Disaster Bisexual

• He/him

Manny is almost always hanging out with his best friend, Rosa, and helping her with all her extra work. Seen yawning half the time. He's probably the tallest kid in the whole school but despite his size, Manny's really jumpy.

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