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Posted January 17, 2021 at 10:17 pm

I’ve talked about this on Patreon and Twitter but in case you don’t follow me there, here’s the new direction [un]Divine’s going.

[un]Divine’s no longer my full time job. I can’t continue working 60+ hours a week, every day, with no time off to visit family or take a break because doing so will set me behind deadlines. I can’t keep it up health wise and after having 1/3 of my Patreon income cut (I had to discontinue mail club as it became too much) I can’t continue it financially either.

Unfortunately this comic is a commercial flop, my own fault for not meeting market demands and expectations. The years long slow burn before anything exciting happens, the complicated story, taking over 15 hours on each page, all of that and more contributed to UD being a narratively boring and niche comic. It’s performance has been stagnating for years and it finally got too much for me to justify it monopolizing my time. I learned from my mistake and I’m moving on.

I’m not quitting this comic entirely as I still love it and I owe my patrons who supported me all these years. Instead of every week updates, UD pages will be posted as I’m able to get them done first for patrons and then in batch updates publicly. Same for any other comic I draw, it will be posted on Patreon first as thanks for anyone still wanting to support me.

It’s a bummer but things getting canceled from lack of interest happens all the time. I know I’m disappointing people and that a good number will resent me. There’s nothing to be said that doesn’t change the fact that [un]Divine’s a flop. I can’t make a living from a free webcomic so I’m branching out into other projects I have and into the animation industry. You can follow my work on twitter and other platforms. If you still want to support my work financially, my Patreon is updated with what I’m working on.

Thanks for reading [un]Divine all these years!

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