News + Short Hiatus
Posted December 24, 2019 at 1:08 am

If you follow me on twitter or Patreon than you could’ve seen this short autobio comic I did to process the health issues I’ve been having for awhile. I’ve been dealing with problems that made it very hard to do the things I want and the work I want. Today I got the official diagnosis of Biploar II.

So what does this mean for the comic?

I’m already hopeful finally putting a name to the issues I’ve been having so that’s good! However now that I’m starting a new course of treatment, it means I’ll still have to hold off on regular updates for longer than 2 weeks. I’m not entirely sure when I can update consistently again but I’ll continue working on my other responsibilities. I’m telling you all this because I believe it’s fair for me to be transparent to my supporters on why I’ve been unable to meet expectations.

Where can more [un]Divine stuff during the break?

I’ll still be active on Twitter and there’s my Instagram and YouTube channel. If you have the means and would like to see even more stuff, the comic’s Patreon is where I post all pages as they’re worked on plus side projects like the spicy ship art and mail club. The support I receive from patrons is the reason I’m able to continue to pour my heart out into this comic <3

Thanks for reading [un]Divine and being so patient with me!!!

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